Mythic Legions - Poxxus - [Poxxus]
Mythic Legions - Poxxus - [Poxxus]
Mythic Legions - Poxxus - [Poxxus]

Mythic Legions - Poxxus - [Poxxus]

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A terrifying visage of sickness and decay, the spiteful god Poxxus is pestilence incarnate. Dripping with disease and crackling with menace, the horrific sight of Poxxus alone is enough to inspire dread. Armed once again with his deadly bow The Plaguesayer, Poxxus can fire off hordes of infectious insects with every pull of his string. Triumphantly riding atop his rotting horse Phlogeus, Poxxus travels the roads of Mythoss with the intention of poisoning the realm and all those that live within.

This 6-inch scaled, highly articulated, Poxxus deluxe action figure will come in a collector-friendly deluxe blister card, with character-specific packaging details and accessories.

Product Features

  • 6-inch scale
  • Made of PVC plastic
  • Highly detailed and articulated
  • Each figure is fully accessorized and ready for battle.
  • Collector friendly blister card packaging

Box Contents

  • Poxxus figure
  • 4 Pairs of hands
  • 2 Bows
  • 2 Arrows
  • Quiver
  • Knife
  • Pair of wings
  • Back armor
  • Magical effect